Wednesday, November 26, 2008


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Ka pu,

Kan thu rawn thlen hi khawngaih taka min lo puanzar sak turin kan ngen a che.

Pu Lalhmingliana Rajya Sabha MP chu Kolasib leh a khaw chhehvelah sawrkar motor MZ01C-2893 (Gypsy Hardtop) hmanga a campaign lai thla Kolasib Congress ten lo la in, nimin dt 13.11.08 khan District Election Office Pu Dawngliana, DC Kolasib hnenah action la turin a ngen a.
He an ngenna hi D.E.O Chuan lo bawhzui nghal in Pu Hminga hi a be pawp nghal a, hetih lai hian Pu Hminga hi Vairengte ah Campaign in a lo awm mek a, Pu Dawnga hian sawrkar Motor a campaign tawh lo turin a hrilh a, Pu Hminga hian Vairengte a chhuahsan nghal tur thu a hrilh a ni.
Kolasib DC Pu Dawnga chuan phone a hrilh hnu hian lehkha in Sawrkar motor hmanga campaign tawh lo turin a hriattir nghal bawk a ni.
DC order : Link
Pu Hminga motor Video : Link
"6. Whether on a private or official visit, no pilot car(s) or car(s) with beacon lights of any colour or car(s) affixed with sirens of any kind shall be used by any political functionary, even if the State administration has granted him a security cover requiring presence of armed guards to accompany him on such visit. This is applicable whether the vehicle is government owned or private owned." - ECI Instruction, Do's and Dont's Document given to each Candidate/Party.. Page 6
"Government transport including official air-crafts, vehicles, machinery and personnel shall not be used for furtherance of the interest of the party in power;" - ECI, Model Code of Conduct, VII (1) b


S. Chhungmuankima