Saturday, May 31, 2008

I wouldn’t reliance again

1:57:00 AM by headhunter ·
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I took reliance broadband connection a couple of months back, according to my agreement with the salesman i was opting for 7+ plan which offered free download & upload with a fix monthly rental.

When I got my first bill….noooo... before the month end my internet got disconnected, so I started dialling up their helpline number more than 1000 times, after I learn by heart their music the so called customer care executive pick up the phone who don’t even speak proper English nor Hindi he answered me in some weird accent which I could barely understands it. I quickly enquired about my connection, I was told that my bill amounts to 1,00,000 rupees!!!!

Luckily, after I hang-up my phone a lady called me up and told me what’s going on. I asked her brief details of my plan, my usage etc etc. she told me that my connection was 250 monthly plan!!! With limited download & upload.

I was given a connection which I wasn’t applying!! Oh my God!!...(to be continue)